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Directional drilling has become the industry standard for placement of product in areas congested with existing utilities, finished landscaping, environmentally sensitive, or prone to erosion. 

C&C Drilling has become very familiar with the different soil types and challenges they create.

We have the ability and experience to drill under creeks, rivers, roadways, wooded and landscaped areas.             We pride ourselves on the number of projects we have drilled and the expertise with which we do it. 

Our Underground Utilities Projects Include:

Water Lines

Water Mains

Sewer Lines Gravity & Force Mains

Power Lines

Phone Lines

Cable Lines

Fiber Optic Lines

Gas Lines

Irrigation Lines

We have seen firsthand how advantageous this technique can be in certain situations. 

What follows is a brief list of just some of the advantages that horizontal drilling can bring to a project.

Faster Installation — By eliminating the need to dig cumbersome trenches, projects can be completed much faster than many people realize.

Lower Installation Cost — A smaller crew means less manpower, which will significantly lower the costs of the overall project.

Flexibility — Terrain, landscaping, and geographical features are no longer considered insurmountable obstacles when horizontal drilling is used. This means that your ideas or needs can come to life when preciously they would have been impossible.

Little Soil Contamination — Because the piping used may be seamless with this method, soil contamination is virtually eliminated.

Maintains Environmental Integrity — Disrupting an environment can have negative consequences that go far beyond mere cost and expediency. Horizontal drilling makes it possible to preserve the surrounding environment in its pristine state without having to compromise your ideas or spend a fortune on mitigation.

C&C Drilling, LLC

New Lisbon, WI 

Cam Dahlke

(608) 853-0979 

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